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Stathis Keeps Nailing Just About Everything While the Media's "Experts" Keep Getting Just About Everything Wrong

Certainly no one is perfect. And real research must be adjusted for changes to the economy and capital markets based on new events and information. This is the general process required for economic and investment research. But when you come across guys who are constantly repeating the same narrative over and over, year after year, claiming that they will be right eventually, you need to realize they are not research analysts. They are broken clock con artists pitching a narrative in order to......

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The Jewish Holocaust is a Huge Jewish Lie

As I have stated many times in the past, I have no doubt that the so-called Jewish "Holocaust" has been the greatest lie of the 20th century. It has been responsible for the theft of Palestine by Zionist Jews. And it is always used as a shield to enable the Jewish Mafia to escape criticism for their crimes.    

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Two Images Illustrate Why Gold is Owned by Dummies

Over the past decade, I've debunked every single myth pumped out by the gold and silver "experts" (i.e. pumpers) explaining why gold and silver are terrible investments, and why neither is any more of a hedge against inflation than rice or sugar.  I've also detailed who the precious metals pumping king pins are, as well as the tactics used to form cults.  Finally, I have also emphasized why they have spent so much time and money promoting gold and silver.  The answer is actually...

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Mike Stathis' CCPM Forecaster Leads to Huge Profits in Gold AGAIN

Did you jump into gold once it broke $1300? Did you ride the trade up past $1500? Subscribers to the CCPM Forecaster were instructed to.  For several years now, under the direction of Mike Stathis, we have been nailing gold and silver trading profits. 

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Another Example Proving Mike Stathis is the World's BEST Market Forecaster

The following videos contain key excerpts from the January, April, July September and October 2014 Market Forecaster.  Are the results from these videos typical?  Yes.  Note that these were among the first video presentations on market forecasting that Mr. Stathis published. Prior to 2014 all forecasts were in written form. His presentations since 2014 have gotten progressively better and more detailed.  ...

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AVA Investment Analytics and Mike Stathis: Still the Best Investment Research in the World

Watch the extended version below to learn about all of the disinfo cons.  ...

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Nasdaq.com is Committing MASSIVE Fraud

Previously I exposed my premise that Nasdaq.com is engaging in criminal activities by selling its site space to a variety of Jewish con artists.   In my opinion, these business practices by Nasdaq are absolutely criminal because investors are under the impression that Nasdaq.com is a source of unbiased information. After all, it is the parent website of the Nasdaq exchange, right?   Let's take a close look at what's going on. Before we begin, I want to tell you that I was s...

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Blast from the Past: Mike Stathis Predicted the Bankruptcy of Sears Many Years Ago

As the rumors of Sears' (SHLD) announcement of bankruptcy proceedings build, it's a good time to reflect on the past. Below is a blast from the past whereby Mike Stathis not only predicted an eventual bankruptcy for Sears years in advance, he actually "guaranteed" it would happen.    Those of you who have been following Mr. Stathis for some time probably also recall that he made the same guarantee regarding RadioShack (RSH) several years before it's bankrutcy.  He's also gone...

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CNBC Liar & Con Man Jim Cramer Steers Sheep into Slaughterhouse with StitchFix (SFIX)

As you all know, I never watch CNBC. My aversion for trash and scams doesn't stop with CNBC. I never pay any attention to any financial media because I realize what a huge disinfo scam it is.   Some people never learn. As usual, I'll be blunt. If you're still paying attention to the media you're going to continue losing money. Remember that all ad-based content is a JEWISH scam, from all broadcast and print media, to all internet and social media. Good God, if you haven't figured...

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Another Boiler Room Operation from Agora Financial: Banyan Hill Publishing

The audio in the following video stops towards the end as a result of technical issues. ...

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EXPOSED: Doug Casey and the Fear-Mongering Syndicate (100 pp e-book)

This presentation required several years of research and effort. It consists of more than 100 pages and contains some of our most insightful analyses and conclusions regarding the fear-mongering, gold pumping, copywriting syndicate which claims to offer "investment insight." Let me be clear. Doug Casey and this huge syndicate of sleaze balls are about as detached from real investment insight as humanly possible.  They are masters of deception, emotional exploitation and cult formation....

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