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Who Is Mike Stathis?

Who Is Mike Stathis?

Mike Stathis is one of the leading investment minds in the world today and holds the best overall investment forecasting track record since 2006.

Since 2010, we have backed that claim with a cash reward for anyone who could prove that someone else could at least match his track record. The cash award climbed to $100,000. To our knowledge, no one has ever made such a claim and backed it up with a cash reward. 

January 1, 2016 Update: this award has been raised to $1 million as of January 1, 2016.

As of May 2016, Mike's published track record in the public markets spans over a decade. Some of his track record has been documented in his investment books, America’s Financial Apocalypse, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, and the Wall Street Investment Bible.

The remainder of his track record is contained primarily in the various research publications as well as various articles published by AVA Investment Analytics.

Mike Stathis' Track Record

Newsletter Track Record


Mike is also a leading authority in healthcare and healthcare IT.

In 2009, Mike wrote the world’s first book for the layman discussing telemedicine and healthcare IT, America’s Healthcare Solution. This book also detailed the countess problems imbedded within the US healthcare system.

Despite being one of the world's top investment minds, Mike Stathis has been completely banned by ALL media (mainstream and so-called alternative) because all media is a scam designed to steer its audience into the hands of advertisers (for more on this please review the countless articles and videos on the site pertaining to the media).

During his two decade career in the financial industry Mike has worked as a registered financial adviser, merchant banker, venture capitalist and hedge fund consultant.

He has advised and/or worked with several multi-billion dollar hedge funds, pension plans, private equity and venture capital funds, including Hunt Ventures, Perot Investments, EDS and Nortel Networks corporate treasury, Halcyon and several other financial institution and funds (held confidential as part of non-disclosure arrangements).

He has advised hedge funds and venture capital firms on biopharma valuations and intellectual property.

He has also worked on several private equity deals from the life sciences and other sectors.

He has also structured business and written business plans for venture capital firms and Fortune 100 corporations (held confidential as part of non-disclosure arrangements).

Mike has also provided public market securities valuations and trading strategies to numerous financial institutions.

He previously worked at UBS and Bear Stearns prior to entering the venture capital industry.

Prior to his career in finance, Mike spent several years in the physical and biosciences where he performed traditional and alternative energy research. He has also taught college level courses in chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology.

During his time working in the scientific research space, Mike was awarded a National Science Foundation Research Fellowship at the University of California Berkeley for research in solid state chemistry. 

Mike has written several books detailing his unique blend of business and investment insights and analytical techniques. 


Is Mike Available for Speaking Events?

Mike is sometimes available for special group training sessions and speaking events.

If you have an interest in booking Mike to speak at your event, please contact us and inquire about availability and fees.

Under no circumstances will Mike speak for free so please don't ask. He is not a motivational speaker and he is not a marketer. He is one of the world's leading investment analysts, so when he speaks, it is a reflection of his insights and research which are quite valuable. 

If you want a free speaker, contact one of the countless individuals who position themselves as an investment or business "expert." Manhy of these individuals will speak for free in order to sell their books, newseletters, programs and funds.

If you want to listen to a professional speaker who makes a living mouthing off some memorized nonsense there is a countless pool of these charlatans to chose from. They are professionall speakers and many of them charge exorbitant speaking fees because they believe they are worth large amounts of money due to their media celebrity. 

If you want a professional speaker who will give you the illusion of value you'll have no problem finding a long list of pseudointellectual con men waiting to speak to your group or at your event.

But if you want your group to be exposed to unique insight, business and investment intelligence, feel free to contact us and inquire about our rates and availability.

If you would like Mike to be a participant of a group session, serve on a panel or board of directors, please keep in mind that Mike is very strict about distancing himself from sources of low or questionable credibility, professional marketers masquerading as investment experts, and other dishonest and/or exploitative individuals. For instance, he will not speak at any events where any of the individuals exposed on this website are speaking, for obvious reasons. 


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